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Sustainability in Wales

Sustainability is in the heartbeat of Wales. We take it seriously, looking out for our future generations and our planet’s resources.  We are known for taking a leading role and coming up with innovative ideas to ensure sustainability is achieved at all levels; creating a sustainable Wales. Whether it’s cleaner, low carbon energy sources, managing and reducing waste or mitigating climate change – we’re already thinking ahead to the future and acting now. Nothing indicates Wales' ambitions more than the recent opening of the low carbon hub, the Menai Science Park, Anglesey, which aims to create an economic hub in sectors including energy, ICT, environment and low carbon to drive innovation. 

As one of the first industrialised nations in the world - playing a pivotal role in the industrial revolution - it seems only natural that we are one of the first nations to make sustainable development a constitutional duty.

For Wales, sustainable development is much broader than perhaps the environmental definition we may be used to. Sustainable development is about improving the way we can achieve our economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being - it’s about making sure we are using the most appropriate method in the long term to achieve our goals in the short term.

Wales was the first Fair Trade Nation and first nation in the world to legislate for the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Globally responsible
Wales has a ‘sustainable development principle’ that embeds sustainable development at the centre of our decision making, learn more...
Renewable energy
Wales is home to the second largest offshore wind farm in the world and thats not all...
Fair Trade
In 2008 Wales became the world's first Fairtrade Nation, and we are proud to lead the world by example...
Climate Change
Wales has a Climate change strategy, a plan for Wales to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 3% every year