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6 October 2017

A year in Wales - in the eyes of a teacher from France

Read what Melina, a teacher from France, thought about living in Wales in her blog (external link)

Let’s talk about Welsh people then. I could say that they are the nicest people I’ve ever met but one should never generalise. If they see you lost, they guide you. They smile and say hello when walking in the parks, the streets. They are sociable, of course they might talk about weather (you’ll learn it!) but they talk to you, in the bus, in the queue, in the pub… They always apologise, even if you push them but I think it’s all over the UK. Queuing is very important, one should never overtake! They always ask if you are okay, taxis are really talkative; they might not care about your life but they’ll talk. Welsh people are open-minded, at least the ones we know, we only met welcoming, interested and interesting people. They all love Tom Jones (I’m joking… Am I?).

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