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23 March 2017

The Best Pound Around

The United Kingdoms £1 coin is having a makeover in WALES.

Craftsmen and women working at the Royal Mint in Llantrisant, Wales will be working overtime in the coming months to strike (create) the new ground-breaking £1 coin. The new coin will come into circulation on the 28 March 2017, for the whole of the United Kingdom.

The 12 sided coin has a state of the art design and will become the most secure coin in the world. Amongst other features, the coin will have a latent image, which will appear holographic, as the pound sign changes to the number 1 depending on the angle it’s viewed. There will be an additional hidden security feature to protect it from counterfeiting.

[Credit Royal Mint UK]

The Royal Mint has been in Llantrisant, 10 miles outside of Cardiff, since it was opened by the Queen on 17 December 1968.  The Mint and Wales have a long history of making coins and medals. For over 200 years coins have been produced for 100 countries, making it the largest exporting Mint in the World today. In fact, the Mint made all of the medals for the 2012 Olympic Games, so many elite athletes across the world will  treasure their own little bit of Wales.

Wales has a rich heritage in manufacturing, heavy industry and engineering.  It has become the preferred location for many companies, due to our skilled workforce, some of the best financial incentives in the UK and access to cutting edge technology.

Did you know

Big North American manufacturers, like Ford, GE, General Dynamics and Sigma, have been drawn to Wales precisely because of the industrial heritage of the workforce, and the strength of local supply chains, so Wales was a good option to relocate the Royal Mint.

If you wanted to learn more, you can visit the Royal Mint Experience visitors Centre and Museum.  It makes for an interesting day out and you can even strike your own coin!

The old £1 coin will no longer be accepted in the UK after the 16 October 2017, so make sure you spend or exchange them as soon as possible