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Wales and India

On our dedicated Wales and India pages you can discover more about links between the two countries, how people from India have made Wales their home and added to the community.

You can also find out which Indian businesses have a presence in Wales and links between Welsh and Indian universities. 

[Indian High Commissioner Mr. Y.K. Sinha visits Swansea University]


Educational links
Find out about our memorandums of understanding between Welsh and Indian Universities and more info on studying in Wales.
Our Indian community
We welcome people from different cultures and faiths in Wales. Learn more about life here for our Indian community
Business links
Several Indian businesses have a presence in Wales. Learn more about the Welsh economy and why overseas businesses like to trade with us.
UK-India 2017-18
During 2017, Welsh and Indian creative professionals travelled to each other’s countries to work together and develop, produce and perform new work. Performances and continued partnerships are continuing in 2018...