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Establishing a business in Wales

Wales has a devolved government, which means financial and business support is swift and decisive. It has a highly-skilled workforce, with over 150,000 people in higher education. There’s plenty of room to move and grow here too, with efficient transport links to key areas of the UK.

Wales must be doing something right when so many of the companies that come here, stay here. Sony, Ford, British Airways, Admiral and Panasonic are just some of those that have been operating in Wales for more than 20 years.

It’s not just the big companies that decide to stay and grow. Wales is investing in start-ups, too.

The top universities in Wales are among some of the best in Europe, and they are commercially focused and research driven.

Welsh graduates are particularly strong in sectors such as energy, engineering, life sciences and financial services.

Cardiff is the closest capital city to London; it is just a two hour direct train journey, which is due to fall to just 100 minutes in 2018.

It won’t cost you the earth either. Grade A office rental levels in Cardiff are at less than 50% of the average London rates.

To learn more about establishing a business in Wales, please visit the Trade & Invest Wales website.