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Key dates in Wales

Wales Rally GB

Clocks go back

British summer time ends in autumn. The clocks go back one hour on 28 October 2018.

Public Holidays

There are no public holidays during the autumn months.

School dates

The new school year begins in early September. Half term usually takes place towards the end of October (around 24 October)/beginning of November. The autumn half term varies from school to school authority and lasts for one week.

University dates

The new semester starts in late September/early October. See individual universities for details.

National Assembly Recesses

Summer recess Monday 23 July 2018 - Sunday 16 September 2018

Autumn Half Term  Monday 29 October 2018 - Sunday 4 November 2018

Christmas recess  Monday 17 December 2018 - Sunday 6 January 2019