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Welsh phrases

Welsh phrases on a chalk board

 If you're coming to Wales to visit, live, study or do business, some of the following Welsh language words and phrases might prove useful.

WelshEnglishHow to pronounce it
Bore daGood morning Boh-reh dah
Prynhawn daGood afternoonPrin-houn dah
Noswaith ddaGood eveningNoss-why-th tha
Nos DaGood nightNoss dah
Croeso i GymruWelcome to WalesCroy-so ee Gum-ree
Os gwelwch yn dda      PleaseOs gwel oowch un tha
DiolchThank youDee-olch
Sut mae?How are things?

Shw-mae (South Wales)

See-my (north Wales)

Da iawnVery goodDah ee-awn
Da iawn diolchVery well thank youDah ee-awn dee olch
Iechyd da!

Good health/cheers! (a toast for drinks)

Yeh-chid dah
BendigedigGreatBen-dee-ge dig
Ty bachToilet (literal translation: little house)Tee bach
Ble mae....Where is ...Blair my...
Hwyl fawrGood bye (literal translation great joy)Hoo-il vowr