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Song lyrics

Wales is known as the land of song.

Here are the words of the Welsh National Anthem. Give it a go... 

Cwm Rhondda (often called 'Bread of Heaven') is a well known hymn that is often sung at rugby matches. When the national team are on the back foot, a quick rendition of Cwm Rhondda from thousands of supporters always lifts the team.

Calon Lan is another hymn that is popular in Wales.  The hymn was sung during the great Welsh Revival to the tune 'Blaenwern', which is also the most popular tune to the Methodist Hymn 'Love Divine', which was one of the hymns sung at Prince William and Kate Middleton's Royal wedding. 

Sosban Fach is a fun song to sing! You can hear the song being sung on match day and when local team Llanelli 'Scarlets' are playing. Sosban Fach means 'little sauce pan' in English and it's synonymous with Llanelli because Llanelli was once known for its tinplate works. As a reminder of their industrial heritage, the team had saucepans on the top of their uprights at Stradey Park and they were reinstalled at Parc y Scarlets!


Welsh national anthem PDF - [61.38 KB]
Calon Lan PDF - [67.69 KB]
Sosban Fach PDF - [67.47 KB]