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Climate Change

Wales has a Climate change strategy , which is a plan for Wales to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 3% every year and an overall reduction of at least 40% by 2020, compared to 1990. To do this Wales plans to increase energy and resource efficiency and encourage organisations and transport to shift to low carbon sources of fuel amongst other actions.

Recognised and praised by the UN; our Size of Wales project also aims to help climate change. It was was set up to plant and tend 1 million trees in highly deforested areas of Uganda to help restore soil stabilisation. The project is bringing local people together to understand the long term positive effects of tree planting for their communities, improving food security, teaching sustainable forestry and land management practices while helping to adapt to the effects of climate change. The trees also help stabilise soil in the sub-Saharan climate of Uganda, helping local people to get more from their land. We reached our target of planting 1 million trees; in fact to date we have already planted around 5 million trees. The scheme has been so successful our new target is now to plant 10 million trees, Size of Wales is one of many community projects Wales is involved with in Africa.

We a nation committed to nurturing our green spaces closer to home. Plant! is a project that plants a native Welsh tree in newly created woodland in Wales AND Uganda for every child born or adopted in Wales, one of the ways we are looking out for our future generations.