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Winter sport

Rugby fans in Wales

Rugby is considered Wales' favourite past time, especially with the RBS 6 Nations beginning in February, however, there are other sports and events that are popular in Wales during the Winter months. The Rugby Pro 14 season begins to take shape during the season.

The football season takes shape during the winter months with Swansea, Cardiff, Newport and Wrexham competing both home and away.

There are a number of games of Ice Hockey played during the winter, with the Cardiff Devils participating in the British Elite Ice Hockey League. The home matches take place in the Ice Arena Wales. The arena is home to the Cardiff Devils Sledge Hockey Club (formerly called the Cardiff Huskies), which believed to be the oldest sledge hockey team in the UK and is popular for indoor ice skating too.

Involvement in indoor sports becomes more popular during the Winter months, especially with badminton, netball and bowls seasons commencing during Winter.

Bowls is played all year round, in the summer months bowls is popular outdoors, with many parks having bowling greens. During the winter the sport continues indoors. This sport is often associated with older people but all ages play, including under 18s and under 25s teams. 

Badminton is another popular indoor sport in Wales, played by both able-bodied and disabled people. The racket sport can be played as single pairs or doubles. The Yonex Welsh International Badminton Championships is the premier event in the Badminton Wales calendar. 

Netball is a popular sport in many countries including Wales, with teams for all ages. Netball is played in most schools in Wales, mainly by girls, but a higher proportion of boys have come into the game over recent years. Want to find out more? See the Welsh Netball website.