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Bangor University

Students at Bangor University
  • Situated near the mountains of Snowdonia and with the sea close by, Bangor has been voted as one of the best environments to study in the UK.
  • Bangor is excellent for student support with one of the largest Peer Guiding schemes in the UK.
  • Bangor University’s world-leading research was recognised in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF), the national assessment of research quality. Following the REF results, Bangor University is ranked amongst the Top 40 in the UK* for research quality, with the research carried out in over half of our academic schools rated in the top 20 in the UK. (* excluding specialist institutions & single-submission universities) 
  • Market research shows that the cost of living in Bangor is much lower than in other parts of the UK. Bangor has been described as “one of the cheapest places in Britain” to be a student (The A-Z of Universities and Higher Education Colleges).

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