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Recipes from Wales

Here's a selection of Welsh recipes for you to try. 


Creamy scrambled eggsCreamy scrambled eggs

Enjoy a taste of the seaside, laverbread, made from seaweed, and cockles are both particularly popular in south west Wales.




Milk Pancakes with maple syrupMilk pancakes with maple syrup

The Welsh for pancake(s) is crempog (crempogau). Enjoy these delicious crempogau for breakfast or as a dessert.




Chocolate Truffle

Chocolate truffle with Welsh whisky liqueur and vanilla sea salt

Welsh whisky and sea salt are two of the many products from Wales which have gained international popularity and reputation over recent years. 





A wonderfully wholesome dish. The contents used to be dictated by geographical location, so it could be a seafood bacon or lamb cawl.



Bara brithBara brith

Bara brith is a rich fruit loaf made with tea (sometimes known as 'speckled bread'). The flavour of the Bara Brith can be altered slightly by adding a few flavours such as marmalade or whisky liqueur.



Glamorgan SausagesGlamorgan sausages

A different twist on the traditional sausage, this vegetarian recipe uses Caerphilly cheese and leek. 



Welsh Rarebit

Welsh rarebit 

There are many versions of this dish. Traditionally it is served on toast, sometimes with a poached egg on top. It may be topped with a fillet of Welsh beef or roasted cod. Of course, it is ideal as a vegetarian dish.


Welsh cakesWelsh cakes

Welsh cakes are a bit like a scone, baked on a griddle and with a distinctive flavour and texture, usually sprinkled with caster sugar and served hot with butter. As an alternative, you can try them with mixed dried fruit or tropical fruit.


Baked trout with bacon

This traditional recipe uses local trout, ideally with brown trout, although rainbow trout will work well. Wrapping the trout in bacon helps retain moisture and flavour.




Mamgu's rice pudding

Comfort food at its best. Serve hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for added indulgence!




Swansea breakfast

A delicious healthy breakfast! It combines local seafood with laverbread, a type of seaweed which is collectable on most coastlines.




For more recipes that use Welsh ingredients, head to the business Wales recipe page.


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Baked trout with bacon PDF - [385.26 KB]
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Swansea breakfast PDF - [280.07 KB]
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