Epic surroundings

Discover award winning pubs, spectacular roads and plenty of space for adventure.

Putting on a show

There’s nothing we like better in Wales than a live performance. Discover more about Welsh festivals and events.

A taste for adventure

With such a variety of landscapes to choose from, find your adventure in the great Welsh outdoors.

Did you know?

Wales hat über 600 Burgen, das sind die meisten pro Quadratkilometer weltweit

Take me there

Find out the essential information needed to help you travel to, in and around Wales, by road, sea and air.

Did you know?

Snowdon ist mit 1085 m der höchste Berg in Wales

Did you know?

Ungefähr 19% von Wales hat offiziellen Lichtschutzstatus und ist daher perfekt zur Sternbeobachtung geeignet

Castle country

Wales has more castles per square mile than anywhere else in the world.

Cardigan's bay of plenty

Mandy Walters of Cardigan Bay Fish has the perfect family recipe. Seafood doesn’t get any fresher, or better, than this.

Did you know?

Der Wales Coast Path führt ununterbrochen 1400 km um die ganze Küste von Wales

A passion for provenance

Good food begins with good ingredients and producing great food and drink is something Wales knows rather a lot about.

Paul Davies: Making a scene

Meet the location manager behind some of Wales' most popular TV series and find out why Wales is an ideal location.

Did you know?

Das nationale Radwegnetzwerk in Wales ist über 1930 km lang

The vision behind the sound

Learn about how a golden age in Welsh music moulded BBC Radio 1's Huw Stephens and why he aspires to keep that culture alive.