A question of balance

A scenic commute, surfing after work and weekend festivals make it possible to find the perfect work-life balance in Wales.

Researching science for the future

Cardiff University is leading progress in dementia research. Find out how Wales is committed to helping future generations through science.

Ruth Jones: My Wales

Discover Wales through the words of award- winning welsh writer and actress Ruth Jones.

Did you know?

Die Nationalbibliothek von Wales beherbergt 6 Millionen Bücher und Zeitschriften

Paul Davies: Making a scene

Meet the location manager behind some of Wales' most popular TV series and find out why Wales is an ideal location.

Did you know?

Ungefähr jeder 20. Bürger des Vereinigten Königreichs wohnt in Wales

Did you know?

Ungefähr 172,000 Studenten studieren jedes Jahr an den Hochschulen in Wales

Mapping the mind

Cardiff University's partnership with Magstim is leading research into the workings of the mind.

Did you know?

Ein Fünftel des in Wales erzeugten Stroms kommt von erneuerbaren Energien

A passion for learning

From primary schools to postgraduate study, it’s an exciting time to discover learning in Wales.