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18 February 2015

Happy New Year – Year of the Sheep

Happy New Year to our readers who are celebrating in China, in Wales and around the world. 2015 is the year of the sheep. The sheep is an animal we’re very familiar with in Wales.









Sheep in the Elan Valley

Did you know we have around 8.9 million sheep? No wonder we have so many delicious lamb recipes!

Welsh lamb recipes

Check out our lamb recipes, including spiced rack of lamb with tahini aubergines and finger licking lamb with laverbread herb sauce. Laverbread is made from seaweed (known as zicai in China).

There’s also a dish that uses mutton (meat from a sheep over two years old) - a favourite of HRH the Prince of Wales.













Spiced rack of lamb with tahini aubergines


Welsh Wool

Sheep’s wool is used widely in Wales, from jumpers to cushions, blankets and furniture.Melin Tregwynt in Pembrokeshire have been weaving with wool for over 100 years and was visited last summer by HRH the Prince of Wales. Other working wool mills includeTrefriw Woollen Mills and Cambrian Woollen Mill.  









sheep with melin tregwynt chair

We love wool so much that we’ve even got a National Wool Museum and celebrate the use of wool at the Wonderwool Wales Festival each spring at the Royal Welsh Showground.

Wonderwool Wales festival