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[Snowdonia railway]

 "You have a beautiful country with wonderful people and great hospitality. I'd encourage everybody from the States to come to Wales." President Obama when he visited Wales for the 2014 NATO Summit.

Many people from around the world visit Wales each year, and we'd like to think that whatever the reason for their visit, each visitor is greeted with a warm Welsh welcome on arrival.

Wales has over 600 castles, 750 miles of hike-able coastline, 3 National Parks, 5 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites, 7 national museums, the best beach in Britain, numerous cultural and food festivals throughout the year and an eclectic range of places to stay and eat.

[Conwy Castle]

Many Americans also visit Wales in the search for their Welsh ancestry or to find out more about our country's rich history. You can find out more about tracing your Welsh heritage on our Ancestry page.

If you're considering a trip to Wales, do come and visit us. You can find out more about what there is to do in Wales on our tourism pages (and we're only 2 hours away from London, so you can easily visit both in one trip)!