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Wales - Chongqing relationship

(Saint David's Day Reception in Chongqing 2017)

Wales has a close relationship with the city of Chongqing.  In 2000 Wen Jiabao, then Vice Premier with responsibility for the Western Provinces sewed the seed during a visit to Wales.  He went on to become Premier of China and the relationship between Wales and Chongqing blossomed.

The first formal cooperation document was signed in 2006 and since then the Government in Wales and the Chongqing Municipal Government have reaffirmed their commitment several times, signing and re-signing, Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) reflecting collaboration and co-operation in a number of areas.

Wales's national day (St David's Day) on 1 March is regularly celebrated in Chongqing, just as Chinese New Year is celebrated in Wales.

The partnership between Chongqing and Wales has allowed business, cultural and educational ties to develop over the last two decades.  Developing and maintaining relations was helped when the Welsh Government opened it's Chongqing office in 2011.


In the education sector we have seen,

  • a schools project, managed by the British Council, linking more than 50 Welsh schools with schools in Chongqing; 
  • a signed agreement between a consortium of Welsh FE Institutions and Chongqing Vocational Colleges; and
  • signed agreements between all Welsh universities and universities in Chongqing to collaborate in a wide range of academic areas and research. 

Recent Visits

The Welsh Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Ken Skates, visited Chongqing in March 2017 and, Madame Wang Jue, Deputy Director General of Chongqing Commerce Commission paid a visit to Wales in November 2017.

(Ken Skates, AM, Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Transport at a Chongqing meeting)

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