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Cultural links

[Chinese tourists enjoying Welsh cockles in the Gower peninsula, South West Wales]

There are far too many links between the 'Dragon Nations' to list on one page and it is clear both China and Wales share similar passions for music, the arts and sport.

You can read more about the close relationship with Wales and Chongqing, view some of the tourist hotspots for the increasing Chinese tourist market in Wales and learn about the Chinese Community in Wales on our related pages. On this page we provide just a few examples of the cultural connections between Wales and China over the years: 

  • The famous, sacred, Chinese Dazu Rock carvings were brought to Wales in 2011, the first time they had left China;
  • Ash Dykes, from Conwy county, Wales, is attempting to set a world record by becoming the first person to solo walk the  Yangtze River in China.  A  6,400km (4,000-mile) trip.
  • The Wales Millennium Centre visited Chongqing during Wales Week 2010 to deliver training on theatre management and marketing to the new Grand Theatre;
  • There are a number of Ginko trees in Bute Park located in our Capital Cardiff. The Ginko tree is one of the oldest trees in existence as they date back around 200 million years and were originally cultivated by Chinese monks;
  • The BBC National Orchestra of Wales toured China in July 2012 giving concerts in Tianjin, Beijing and Shanghai, Shenzen and Guangzhou. In Beijing, the 2000 audience in the concert hall was joined by 6 million more watching live on television;

[Celebrating Wales’ National Day, St David’s Day in China]

  • John Harding, from Monmouth Wales designed the royal palace in Seoul for the Emperor of China. He also built a number of lighthouses on the Chinese and Taiwanese coast;
  • The China Three Gorges Museum in Chongqing hosted an exhibition on the history of Wales, Wales, Land of the Red Dragon in 2013;
  • There have been two Chinese winners of the prestigious BBC Cardiff Singer of the world Cardiff competition. Guang Yang who won in 1997 and baritone vocalist, Shenyang, the 2007 Winner;
  • An exhibition of Chinese art, Nature's Song: Chinese Bird and Flower Paintings took place at the National Museum, Cardiff in 2017. It was the first stop on a UK tour;
  • The Invertigo Theatre Company and Pontio, Bangor University’s Arts and Innovation Centre, held a festival in Bangor in 2018 to explore the creative connections between Wales and China.
  • A craftsman from Hong Kong took 16 months, working 8 hours a day to make the famous chair for the  1933 National Eisteddfod in Wrexham. A gift from China;
  • The Wales National Football Team recently participated in the China Cup  along with the Czech Republic, Uruguay and hosts China. They were runners up in the tournament and it was clear Wales had built up a great fan base across the country.
  • Photographer and artist Simon Wan will take a photo from the summit of Mount Snowdon, the highest peak in England and Wales, when he walks to the top 50 times. He will repeat the feat at Lion Rock mountain in Hong Kong to then exhibit the photographs at museums in Wales and China; 
  • Wales Arts international are working with a number of organisations to promote Welsh and Chinese artists, arts companies and businesses so that they can grow new collaborations.

[Chinese tourists visiting Tintern Abbey, Wales]