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History and ancestry

Tintern Abbey

On these pages you will find out about the history of Wales. Take a look at our history timeline, learn about our castles, museums and our patron saint, St David. 

We've also provided links out to a number of history related websites.


Welsh flag
History of Wales
The story of Wales begins with the Celts - our timeline gives a snapshot of Wales' history...
Welsh castles
We've got more castles in Wales per square mile than anywhere else in the world...

Our national museums will give you a showcase of our past and present culture. And best of all they are free to visit.

World heritage in Wales
There are three United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) world heritage sites in Wales.
stain glass window
St David
On 1 March each year we celebrate our patron Saint, Dewi Sant or St David who died on that day in 589AD.
Wales has a history of descendants across the globe. There are a number of websites that can help you trace your Welsh roots.
Castle Caerphilly
Myths and legends
Everywhere you go in Wales someone will point out a hill, church or a standing stone that has a story of its own.