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Welsh fish and seafood

Fish and seafood have always been important in Wales; we’re surrounded by sea on three sides after all!

One of the delights of Wales is to visit a restaurant and eat the fresh products of the sea that have been caught that day in waters not very far from your table.

As well as finding Welsh produce on local menus and in Welsh shops and markets, you’ll also find it exported to countries across the world. Exporters of Welsh seafood include Anglesey Aquaculture export to the USA and The Lobster Pot exports to Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Go to Swansea Market, the largest indoor market in Wales, where you can buy a variety of fresh fish and seafood, including fresh cockles.  Laverbread, Conwy Mussels and Halen Mon Sea Salt have all been given EU protected food name status.


Laverbread is not actually bread at all but a nutritious delicacy made from seaweed. Swansea Bay is particularly famous for its laverbread.

It featured in miners’ breakfasts, along with bacon, eggs and cockles. Laverbread is rich in minerals and vitamins, full of protein as well as being low in calories.

Menai Oysters and Mussels

The Menai straight near Anglesey produces stunning shellfish.  The area is designated as a special area of conservation and strong tidal currents through the sea channel allow for a steady supply of food, giving the oysters and mussels a unique taste.

Catch your own

If you want to go fishing then take a look at the fishing pages on our sister site Visit Wales.


Halen Môn Sea salt

Halen Môn Sea salt comes from the sea around Anglesey. Across the world, top chefs including Heston Blumenthal and Ferran Adrià use Halen Môn sea salt produced by the Anglesey Sea Salt Company. There’s even a sprinkle of Halen Môn on the top of Obama’s favourite chocolates. Recently awarded protected food name status by the European Commission, Halen Môn is exported to Russia, China and Belgium.

Welsh recipes

Cawl is a traditional Welsh dish that uses local ingredients. It often uses lamb, but those who lived by the near the sea would make a seafood cawl. Try this recipe or our creamy scrambled eggs which feature laverbread and cockles or use these ingredients with bacon and enjoy a Swansea breakfast.