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Communities in Wales

[Diwali event at the Wales Millennium Centre]

We welcome people from different cultures, faiths and backgrounds in Wales, who mainly live around our larger cities such as Cardiff, Newport and Swansea. Our increasingly multicultural society has led to an enrichment of new traditions, exciting new art, music, foods to try and much more. 

Of course, we also have traditional Welsh communities in Wales, which stem from our culture and heritage and a strong sense of nation. Wales and its communities unite over past achievements and the Welsh language, and we now seek to improve the nation for future generations. Find out more on the pages below. 


Ethnic minority groups
In our major towns and cities it is easy to find many people living together in communities with shared ethnic backgrounds.
Celebrating equality & diversity
Wales has a list of equality objectives which aim to ensure public services and employment is fair, accessible, responsive to people's needs, and that communities are inclusive for all...