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Climate of Wales

Talyllyn, Snowdonia

Wales has a moderate climate, very similar to the rest of the UK, but it can also be slightly unpredictable!

The mountainous nature of our landscape and the shape of our coast mean that the weather can differ quite dramatically within a very short distance. Weather also changes quite quickly here- it could be raining in the morning and gloriously sunny by the afternoon.

Most of our rain tends to fall in the autumn and early winter months (October – January) so be sure to bring a raincoat and a good pair of waterproof walking shoes to Wales. Our days in winter are shorter and we tend to experience snow, which provides us with some spectacular scenery.

Although it’s not all rain and clouds in Wales - the summer months of June to August are the hottest here and a great time to take advantage of some of our beautiful beaches and coastline or partake is some of our outdoor sports and activities. April, May and September also offer some warm days to explore our landscape. Our long summer days also help, it often doesn’t get dark until 10pm/22:00 in midsummer thanks to our northerly latitude.

The temperature in winter months averages around 6°C with summer months climbing up to 24°C. However, conditions in the upland areas can be changeable throughout the entire year, so take care on our spectacular walks

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