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Wales - a bilingual nation

Wales Millennium Centre copyright WMC

Almost everyone in Wales speaks English. Around 19% of the population also speak Welsh.

English and Welsh exist side by side. You’ll see bilingual signs and hear both languages spoken.


Almost everyone in Wales speaks English. Resources to help you learn or improve your English language skills include Learn English in Wales.

Student resources

Help improving English language skills is part of the support available to international students at all our universities. Learning is made fun with social events and trips. There are people from over 170 countries studying in Wales (around 13% of the student population), so you won’t be alone.


There’s nothing quite like learning the native language to get under the skin of a country. You don’t have to speak Welsh to live, study or work in Wales but it can add an extra dimension to your time here. There’s plenty of opportunity and support for those who wish to learn.

Learning Welsh

The Cymraeg website is regularly updated with events, activities and news to help you to live, learn and enjoy in Welsh.