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This beautiful place, wrapped in golden cliffs and beaches.

Dea, (with Polish-Italian origins), who has lived in neighbouring England for more than 20 years, moved to Wales in 2017 and she explains why she has fallen in love with her new home:


I visited Wales in January 2017 and just after one visit to Southerndown (pictured above), South East Wales, this beautiful place, wrapped in golden cliffs and beaches,  my heart was stolen and I decided spontaneously to move to Wales in July 2017. After my visit to Southerndown, I drove to the nearest town to explore more and Porthcawl was an obvious choice. I have fallen in love with this little gem and its surrounding area.


I lived in England for more than 20 years in the historical Georgian town of Stamford, located on the border of two county’s: Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire. The town's beauty still couldn’t hold me there as the Welsh landscapes charmed me with its calmness and spectacular sunrises and sunsets by the sea.


I absolutely love every single day living here. Apart from the beauty of the landscapes,  I experience, on a daily basis, the beauty of the Welsh people's hearts and since living here, I’ve encountered nothing but kindness and friendliness, with their famous lovely cwtch!! :)


Many friends who have visited, were taken by the beautiful places that Wales holds and, not surprisingly, they are eager to explore a wider area of this stunning country.  I feel privileged to live here and to have the opportunity to continuously explore other fabulous places in Wales and form new friendships.


If you have a chance to visit Wales, don't hesitate, you will never be disappointed.





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