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Autumn colours in Wales

Castell Coch with autumn colours

It is so enjoyable to take a walk and see the beautiful changing shades of autumn. There are some stunning colours during the season. The leaves on the trees turn glorious shades of red, yellow and amber.

Wherever you are in Wales you don’t have to go far to enjoy the autumn colour in the countryside, gardens and parks.

Some suggested places to visit are Castell Coch in the south east Wales, where you can see the copper beech trees surrounding the fairytale castle in late October.  Alternatively take a stroll through Bute Park, Cardiff or Cwmcarn Forest in Caerphilly.

Our three There are many places to see the colours of autumn in our three National Parks, SnowdoniaBrecon Beacons and Pembrokeshire Coast National Parks.creeper covered tearoom with bridge in the foreground

In the north west, one of Wales’ iconic autumn scenes is the 15th Century cottage that houses the Tu Hwnt i'r Bont tearooms in Llanrwst covered in rich red Virginia creeper.

Our many gardens offer a range of colours during the autumn months.

If you take photos in Wales we'd love you to share them with us (non professionals please). Why not tweet us some of your pictures?