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Summer climate in Wales

[Barafundle Bay]

Like the rest of the UK, Wales has a temperate climate. It is therefore wise to pack an umbrella or a raincoat, no matter what time of year, as the weather can be changeable. Mind you, the advantage of the rain is our country is a largely lush and green!

During the summer months we have days of glorious sunshine, with temperatures up to 70˚f/21˚c and sometimes beyond.

We enjoy longer days too. During mid summer, it gets light from around 5 am (05:00) and stays light until almost 10 pm (22:00). 

Wales Weather Averages 1981 - 2010
Average Maximum temperature17.3˚C 63.14˚F19.2˚C 66.56˚F18.9˚C 66.02˚F
Average Minimum temperature9.1˚C 48.38˚F11.2˚C 52.16˚F11.0˚C 51.8˚F
Sunshine hours173.6179.0168.0
Rainfall in mm85.8mm92.6mm107.4mm
Rainfall in days11.211.512.6