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Sporting nation

What makes Wales a sporting nation?

To start with it’s our abundance of sporting legends and heroes, our proud heritage of sporting achievements, the unrelenting support of a passionate nation, our substantial contribution to Team GB and the wide variety of sport on offer in Wales. Our progress in equality in sport is outstanding; we truly believe sport is for everyone. At every level, you can be involved.

On and off the pitch our sportsmanship is unrivalled. We are committed to sport at all levels of participation. We have world class facilities that stand up to the competition and we are ready to welcome you there. We are sporting, win or lose.

Cardiff was named European Capital of Sport 2014. Our capital city has firmly established itself as a leading city for sport, offering state of the art stadiums and facilities.                               

Sport plays an important part of life here in Wales, whether it’s supporting your favourite team or participating in sport. It’s part of our culture. You’ll often find a sea of friendly crowds of fans supporting rugby on international days or RBS Six Nation matches; it’s a great atmosphere to be a part of.

But we don't just watch and participate, we create new sports too, like lawn tennis, coasteering and bog snorkelling to name just a few!

Mix all of this up and you have Wales a Sporting nation. Sport is an integral part of our nation’s history, our present and our future.



The Olympic torch at Caerphilly Castle as part of its journey around the UK
Sports heritage
We are a proud nation, especially when it comes to sport. There are some things you may not know about our sports heritage and just how varied it is, so here are a few facts about welsh sports so you’re in the know as well…...
Cardiff Half Marathon 2010
Sport for All
Sport and physical activity are part of our health and wellbeing